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This is the story of an Australian wine brand called [yellow tail].

It’s the story of a wine brand inspired by fun and a belief in making wine uncomplicated in a world of complexity.

Welcome to our world.

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Three little letters...

F….U….N….. We’re no wine snobs. We just love wine; and believe wine should be fun! That’s why at [yellow tail] we put the FUN back into wine.

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Seriously good wine doesn't have to be serious

Seriously good wine doesn’t have to be serious Wine doesn’t have to be hard to choose, to talk about or to understand. So never mind the aging characteristics, the oak, the complexity. We take wine seriously so you don’t have to.

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Home is where the heart wine is

Our family-owned winery is in the small country town of Yenda, Australia. Here our talented winemaking team put a lot of passion, knowledge and experience into making great wines for you to enjoy.

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Just before you go – have you met 'roo?

We’re sure you’ve noticed the kangaroo on the label. His name is Roo and he reminds us of our Australian heritage, something we’re really proud of. (He’s) pleased to meet you.

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