[yellow tail] is a family-owned winery in the small country town of Yenda, Australia. To this day, this is where [yellow tail] wine is made by the sixth generation of the Casella family.


In 1957 founders Filippo and Maria Casella migrated from Sicily and arrived on Australian shores. They began making wine with the family’s winemaking philosophy at its heart; to bring family and friends together at any occasion.


It was this approach that inspired John Casella’s vision for [yellow tail] in 2001; to create an approachable wine that everyone could enjoy. By doing so, he wanted to demonstrate that wine could be fun, easy to choose, easy to drink and easy to understand. [yellow tail] was first launched in the USA with an ambition to sell 25,000 cases. Over 1 million cases were sold within that first year!


In the years following the launch, our talented winemaking team put a lot of passion and expertise into creating and growing [yellow tail]. It is about making consistently great wines that over deliver on taste and quality; wines that are accessible and appealing to people all over the world.


By the 2020s, [yellow tail] became available in over 60 countries and launched a wide range of varietals. Since launch, [yellow tail] has won more than 550 wine awards, and continues to be recognised as the #1 Most Loved Wine Brand in the world for the 6th year in a row - a proud achievement for all of us, and a great testimony to the quality and taste of [yellow tail].


Today, John Casella continues to run the family business using the same principle of creating great tasting wines for all to enjoy. By combining a passion and understanding of the Italian heritage with a relaxed and modern Australian attitude, Casella continues to create wines that have wide appeal and will be enjoyed for generations to come.