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Pinot Noir

Pronounced: Pee-know No-warr

"Be seduced by silky texture"

Food friendly with plenty of soft, fresh red fruit flavour.

You know those nights when you just want to open a bottle, slosh a bit in a glass, plonk down on the couch and tuck in? Well Pinot Noir is the variety for you. You see, Pinot is versatile; it has a medium weight and plenty of bright fruit flavour but shows enough juiciness to satisfy even in the warmer months. Handy if you want to drink red all-year round. If Pinot was a sports person it would be know as the ultimate all-rounder.

Very pretty and appealing notes of strawberry, violet and dark cherry.
Here we have the lightest weight red wine in the [yellow tail] portfolio with bright and fresh flavours of cherries, plums and spice. Serve with duck! Duck is Pinot Noir’s best friend!

The Grape

Pinot Noir is a light to medium bodied red grape with satiny tannins and a bright, fruit driven palate.

Great with...

Pinot Noir and duck is a match made in heaven.

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