Our Vegan Range Expands

Get savvy with your Sauv B!

Sauvignon Blanc - Now Vegan Friendly 

Sauvignon Blanc is the most popular white wine in Australia and continues to grow in popularity. And we understand why! With our warm weather and gorgeous beaches, it's the perfect wine to enjoy on a summer holiday as the sun is going down – or when daydreaming about your next beach getaway.

Making this Sauv Blanc even dreamier is that it is now vegan-friendly, meaning everyone can enjoy it, which is what [yellow tail] wines are all about.

[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and refreshing with zingy passionfruit and grapefruit flavours. It can be scrumptiously paired with a delicious (vegan-friendly) platter, sunshine, and great friends Enjoy!