Great wine. For all.

From Yenda, Australia to the world, that’s what we’ve always delivered because that’s how you like it! Our wines have been highly awarded and recognised as the ‘most loved’ by people everywhere, but we still keep our tail on the ground despite our success. Discover our story and explore the range. Enjoy!

Our story

Our family-owned winery is located in the small country town of Yenda, Australia, where [yellow tail] is made by the sixth generation of the Casella family.

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We’re constantly looking for fun and unique ways to enjoy [yellow tail]. If it involves shaking some cocktails or cooking up a storm, then so be it.

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There’s a little something for everyone with [yellow tail] wines – that’s why we launched our online personality quiz to help you find out which of our wines suits you best, and the perfect food pairing to try alongside it!

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