Introducing …. Sparkling Cocktails by [yellow tail]

Are You Ready to Cocktail?

Sparkling Cocktails are finally here! The ready-to-drink craft cocktails are deliciously light and fizzy, made from sparkling wine from cool harvested grapes and natural flavours from Australian fruits for a delightful twist on familiar favourites.

Available now in two mouthwatering flavours: Wild Peach Bellini and Blood Orange Mimosa.

Just in time for the warmer weather arriving, [yellow tail] Sparkling Cocktails are convenient and easy to enjoy with friends – simply pop, pour chilled, and let the good times roll.

[yellow tail] Sparkling Cocktails are set to be this season’s hottest drink, perfect for summer soirees, festive celebrations, and holiday brunching in style.

Australia’s very own [yellow tail] ambassador and Love Island host says why not try it with your own unique pairings.

“[yellow tail] Sparkling Wild Peach Bellini is the drink I’d be sipping on at brunch with pancakes or my personal Sunday favourite, French Toast. For super-hot summer days, I can’t go past a [yellow tail] Sparkling Blood Orange Mimosa, poolside with some watermelon or any fruit really and nuts to munch on. That being said, it’s all about personal preference and occasions - so with a delicious Sparkling Cocktail in hand from [yellow tail], its easy and anything goes!” continues Sophie.

Best served over ice in a stemless wine glass or in a Sparkling wine glass, topped off with a freshly sliced blood orange for the Mimosa, and for the Bellini, a freshly sliced peach. Alternatively, put your own creative spin on the garnish – perfect for any occasion!

You can find these two varietals at Dan Murphy's and BWS across the country.

Sparkling Cocktails makes cocktails EASY.