20 Years Young!

[yellow tail] celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In 2021 our much loved [yellow tail] celebrated its 20th birthday.

In 2001, the Australian family-owned wine brand that has captured millions of hearts (and mouths) worldwide, first launched.

In 1957, Filippo and Maria Casella emigrated from Sicily to Australia, eventually settling in Yenda, New South Wales. They built a small winery in 1969 and started making wine, blending their passionate Italian winemaking heritage with the relaxed Australian attitude to life. The wines were made in an easy-drinking, food-friendly style for friends and family to enjoy together.

Years later, the family's sociable approach to enjoying wine inspired John Casella's vision for [yellow tail]. 

[yellow tail] challenged the traditional wine conventions and provided a fruit-forward, accessible, easy-drinking alternative. Everything about [yellow tail] simplified wine from the wine through to the packaging, making it easy to drink, find, choose, and enjoy. This philosophy continues to this day.

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