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Unoaked Chardonnay

Pronounced: Unoaked-Shar-don-nay

"Crisp, light and refreshing"

Chardonnay is back in vogue and it's no wonder with a wine like this. The zingy freshness makes Tree-Free Chardonnay a real crowd-pleaser.

If Unoaked Chardonnay was a song, it would be bright and cheerful and one that you could listen to over and over again, especially in the company of friends. It is perfect for those who prefer fruit-forward and lean white wines. The un-oaked style heightens the flavours of bright citrus, peach and melon fruits and the crisp acidity leaves a refreshing finish. Definitely one for the party playlist.

Lemon zest, citrus blossom and subtle melon notes.
Fresh lime and grapefruit flavours are balanced by softer hints of rockmelon. Serve with BBQ chicken and salad with a touch of warm afternoon sun.

The Grape

Chardonnay is the most commonly grown white wine variety in Australia. We just can't get enough.

Goes great with...

Upbeat tunes and share-plates with friends.

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Did you know?

The 'roo featured on the label is actually a yellow-footed rock wallaby!