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Shiraz Grenache

Pronounced: She-razz Gren-ash

"Ripe, savoury wine style"

One of the best loved Australian red wine blends.

Combining two red grapes and making them get along isn't always easy. Sometimes the two fight, and that's when problems arise. Luckily, Shiraz and Grenache were made for each other. Soft, perfumed Grenache loves hanging out with the boldly flavoured, spicy Shiraz. The finished wine is savoury but full of pure red fruits.

Grenache adds lifted mulberry perfume and spice while Shiraz gives deep, dark fruit aromas.
Medium weighted wine with blackcurrant, liquorice and a long, spicy finish. Serve with some pan fried veal steaks or a lamb burger.

The Grape

Shiraz Grenache is a red wine blend that combines full flavoured Shiraz with the medium bodied Grenache.

Great with...

A cool autumn night and a good conversation.

Where to buy

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Did you know?

If you need to chill wine quickly, wrap the bottle in a wet towel and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes!