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Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Pronounced: Sem-ee-on Sow-vin-yon Blonk

"Is the bottle empty again?!"

Taking refreshment in the white wine department to another level.

While Semillon is best known for lemon and grassy characters, Sauvignon Blanc is famed for its tropical fruit spectrum. Marry the two and you get a wine of zippy, briskness with enough fruit flavour to make drinking the easiest job of all. Plenty to enjoy in the flavour department, but with a clean, freshness that is undeniably appealing.

Starts lemony and grassy but then shows lively tropical fruit aromas.
How good is Semillon with Sauvignon Blanc! Lemony flavours meet passionfruit with a hint of herbaceousness – this is a clean, vibrant white with a simple mission; to taste ultra fresh. Serve with lightly seared scallops, a bucket of prawns or chicken Caesar salad.

The Grape

Semillon provides the brisk acidity while Sauvignon Blanc brings fresh fruit flavours to the party.

Great with

A quick bite to eat and a laugh with friends.

Where to buy

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