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Pronounced: Sang-gree-ahhh

"A lively, bright and exotic wine that's made for fun filled nights of laughing, talking and good times!"

Fruit driven with citrus notes

Inspired by the traditions of Spain, [yellow tail] Sangria is a delicious mix of red wine and citrus flavours.
Finishing clean, light and delightfully refreshing, [yellow tail] Sangria is the perfect wine to enjoy on its own, over ice, a splash of soda and/or with slices of your favourite fresh fruit.

The aroma is perfumed and enticing with orange rind, citrus and red berry notes Soft sweet-citrus flavour
Fruit driven with citrus notes

The Grape

It is a drink that everyone can enjoy, and is a great way to start the night off, or to kick off a summer afternoon session.

Great with…

Any occasion, anytime, anywhere with anyone.

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Did you know?

Rosé is actually red wine that has had limited contact with the skins of red grapes. The longer a wine is left to soak with skins, the darker the colour!