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Pronounced: Rose-ay

"Go fresh! Think pink!"

This isn’t giggle juice, Rosé is serious stuff!

Rosé wines from Australia are fast becoming renowned for their quality and natural fruit appeal. It's hard not to like a wine with such great colour and pretty aromas, but the vibrant flavour profile of the palate seals the deal. Perfect anytime of the day, this Rosé is also a sensational food wine, able to match just about any kind of dish. Mind you, drink this on its own and you won't be disappointed either.

Fresh strawberries & cinnamon spice
Sweet cherries with a little aussie sparkle

Rosé is made from red grapes, but in a lighter style and intended to be served chilled. A nice midway point between white and red wines.

Great with...

Fun. Nothing says good times more than Rosé. The colour says it all.

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Did you know?

There are 100 1.1 million litre tanks at the winery!