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Pronounced: Reez-ling

"Zingy, fresh and dry"

Riesling is one of Australia’s greatest grape assets and one of the most refreshing to drink.

Riesling is often thought of as a sweet variety, and though past examples in Australia have been made this way, the truest representations of the grape are dry. This Riesling is lean, fresh with a little supple texture for complexity and showcases citrus, floral characters and a hint of crunchy green apple acidity. Lovely, lean and perky.

It’s easy to spot Riesling! Look for crushed limes, Thai spice, floral notes and a hint of rose petal.
A tightly packed, lime juice and mineral driven style with just enough slippery texture to show its premium status. Minerality drives the wine and it finishes ultra tangy and fresh. Serve with Pad Thai, chicken and cashew nut stir fry and anything with a hint of chilli.

The Grape

Riesling is a white grape with very delicate flavours and high natural acidity for freshness.

Great with...

Fish and chips by the beach.

Where to buy

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