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Pinot Grigio

Pronounced: Pee-no Gree-gee-oh

"Something a little different"

Pinot Grigio is the wine for people in the know.

You may never have tried Pinot Grigio, but rest assured there is nothing not to like. Pinot Grigio is the go-to wine in Italy, a safe bet you'll get quality, refreshment and something that goes great with a variety of food styles. This wine offers complexity, lots of flavour and a crispiness that cleans the palate, ready for the next bite of food. Pronto!

Ripe pears, green apples, wild flowers and spice.
Pinot Grigio is a refreshing white wine, and when made well shows layers of fruit flavour. Intense apple, juicy limes and a faint suggestion of pineapple with a crackling acidity to keep things fresh. Serve with duck liver pate or mussels in white wine.

The Grape

Pinot Grigio is a medium weighted white wine variety originally found in Italy. Welcome to the Australian style.

Map showing this wine's sources

The Region

Sourced from select vineyard sites, the Reserve Pinot Grigio is made from premium parcels of fruit from perfectly maintained vineyards.

[yellow tail] Reserve Awards



Silver awards
  • 2012 The Cairns Show Wine Awards


Silver awards
  • 2011 Rutherglen Wine Show
Top Gold awards
  • 2011 Royal Adelaide Wine Show


Gold awards
  • 2010 Rutherglen Wine Show
Silver awards
  • 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • 2011 Dallas Morning News Wine Competition
  • 2011 Perth Royal Wine Show
Bronze awards
  • 2010 Melbourne Wine Show


Gold awards
  • 2009 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
Silver awards
  • 2009 Cowra Wine Show
Bronze awards
  • 2009 RNA (Brisbane)
  • 2009 Perth Royal Wine Show
  • 2009 Royal Melbourne Wine Show
  • 2009 Royal Hobart International Wine Show


Bronze awards
  • 2008 Melbourne Wine Show

Great with...

A music concert or theatre show and some fine Italian food.

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If you need to chill wine quickly, wrap the bottle in a wet towel and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes!

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