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Cabernet Sauvignon

Pronounced: Cab-err-nay So-vin-yon

"Sophisticated drinking, ultimately delicious"

The show stopper grape variety for elegance in a glass.

Cabernet Sauvignon makes its true home in the much-fancied Bordeaux region of France. Australia might not have historical chateaus dotting the landscape, but we make up for it in the flavour of our wines. [yellow tail] makes a superb Cab Sav with concentrated dark fruits and the kind of satiny mouth feel that makes for really easy drinking. But it's not all about simplicity, the quality fruit in this wine adds depth of character and added flavour.

Whoa! Absolutely Cabernet here. It has that hint of leafiness and herbs then loads of black currant with a hint of cocoa.
With more blackcurrant, some mocha and a suggestion of liquorice, this is classic Cabernet in flavour too. It’s concentrated but not massive, slippery but silky and shows enough tannin to keep the wine in shape without being mouth puckering. Delicious red wine. Serve with pasta with red sauce, braised lamb shoulder or thick-cut beef scotch fillet.

The Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its dark berry fruit flavours and hallmark herb/spice/leafy complexity.

Map showing this wine's sources

The Region

Sourced from select vineyard sites, the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is made from premium parcels of fruit from perfectly maintained vineyards.

[yellow tail] Reserve Awards



Gold awards
  • 2011 Cowra Wine Show
Silver awards
  • 2011 Mundas Vini
  • 2011 Riverina Wine Show
Top Gold awards
  • 2011 Rutherglen Wine Show
Gold awards
  • 2012 Sydney Royal Wine Show


Silver awards
  • 2010 Perth Royal Wine Show
Bronze awards
  • 2010 Rutherglen Wine Show
  • 2010 Melbourne Wine Show
  • 2010 Adelaide Wine Show


Silver awards
  • 2010 Cowra Wine Show
  • 2010 International Wine & Spirit Competition
Bronze awards
  • 2010 Melbourne Wine Show


Gold awards
  • 2009 RNA (Brisbane)
Silver awards
  • 2009 AWC Vienna
Bronze awards
  • 2009 Cowra Wine Show
  • 2009 Riverina Wine Show
  • 2009 Cairns Wine Show
  • 2009 Citadelles Du Vin - France
  • 2009 Adelaide Wine Show

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Wine should be stored in a dark and relatively cool place. A dark cupboard is ideal!

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