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Pink Moscato

Pronounced: Moss-car-toe

"Life's better when you think pink!"

What’s better than sparkles? PINK sparkles!

[yellow tail] Pink Moscato is a dream. It's a gorgeous flamingo pink hue and unbelievably delicious - like drinking shooting stars that dance on your tongue and taper out to a finish that is clean, fresh and crisp. Devilishly delish and fantastically fun, in one word, it's just simply lovely.

Strawberry, musk and freshly crushed grapes
Lightly sparkling, our Pink Moscato is full of natural sweetness. It tastes like fresh strawberries with hints of fairy floss, sherbet and green apples, without being too sweet.

The Grape

Moscato is a style of wine that showcases a light sparkling quality and higher sweetness levels.

Great with...

Well chilled on its own in the summer sun

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Did you know?

You don't need to store screw-cap wine on its side. This is a technique reserved for cork in order to keep the cork moist and stop it from shrinking and falling in on the wine!