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Red Moscato Bubbles

Pronounced: Red Moss-car-toe Bubb-els

"Red racing bubbles"

It’s Red. It’s Moscato. It’s Bubbles. Say what now?

Red Moscato Bubbles is more than the best of two worlds. It's the best of three worlds. The raciness of red, the sweetness of moscato and the fizziness of bubbles. With a gorgeous deep pink hue, this is a wine that offers scrumptious red berry flavours, fizzy texture and a hint of sweetness. It's fresh, spritzy and crackling with vitality. Jump in.

Lifted tropical fruits, ripe fresh strawberries with black current and raspberry aromas.
A vibrant Moscato palate, with fresh forest fruits and strawberries.

The Grape

Red Moscato Bubbles blends white grape varieties with red, creating a soft red hue and additional flavours.

Great with...

A bunch of friends, fake moustaches and a red beret. Why? Why not!

Where to buy

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Did you know?

Screw-cap wines keep the wine fresh and free from some bacteria that can be found in natural cork!