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Pink Bubbles

Pronounced: Pi-ink Bubb-els

"The perfect celebration, in pink!"

Go on. You know you want to. Do it.

Pink Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a twist - a pink hue and the suggestions of red grape flavours, which adds an additional dimension to the fizz drinking experience. We taste red cherry, sweet spice and tropical fruit flavours, but when it all comes down to it, the best thing is how it feels to drink. Fresh, spritzy and crackling with vitality. Jump in.

An appealing bouquet of wild strawberry, red cherry and sweet spice.
Pink Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a pink hue – you get more red cherry in the palate with sweet spice and a hint of tropical fruits. This is a superb stand alone style of sparkling wine that needs only be served with an appropriate glass.

The Grape

Pink Bubbles blends white grape varieties with red, creating a soft pink hue and additional flavours.

Great with...

A birthday party with balloons, sparklers and dancing.

Where to buy

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