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Moscato Bubbles

Pronounced: Moss-car-toe Bubb-els

"Like that girl next door - sweet and bubbly, with a twist"

Moscato meets Bubbles. Bubbles likes Moscato. Moscato likes Bubbles. The rest is history.

Moscato Bubbles is Bubbles with a bit of Moscato….or Moscato with a bit of Bubbles. We can't decide, but we like it! And we're confident that you will be enchanted with it too. Moscato Bubbles has tonnes of zingy fruit flavours with a hint of natural sweetness. This is a wine that is designed to brighten up ordinary moments. So your excuse to pop the top could be about hitting all the green lights on your drive home, or celebrating mid-week.

Light musk aromas with orange blossom and passionfruit notes.
Zingy citrus and passionfruit flavours with a refreshing pop of bubbles.

The Grape

Red Moscato Bubbles blends white grape varieties with red, creating a soft red hue and additional flavours.

Great with...

your favourite 80's or 90's soundtrack. Girls (and guys) just wanna have fun - right?

Where to buy

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Did you know?

You can keep an open bottle of wine in the fridge for 3-5 days. After that, the oxygen gets to the wine, and much like ripe fruit exposed to the air, it starts to go bad!