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[yellow tail] story

  • 1965
    From humble beginnings,
    the start of
    a journey

    Casella Family Brands founders Filippo and Maria Casella migrate from Sicily and purchase Farm 1471, the future home of [yellow tail] wines.

    • Full of hope, Filippo, Maria and their two children - Rosa, 10, and Joe, 7 make the four-week journey to Australia from Sicily.
    • With the family together, Filippo and Maria's third child, John, is born.
    • And grows...The couple's fourth child, Marcello, is born.
    • After 5 years spent following seasonal work, the Casellas settle on a vineyard near Griffith, NSW.
    • Farm 1471 is purchased - 50 acres of farmland in Yenda is purchased and planted with grapes, peaches and prunes.
    • Twelve years after leaving Italy, the Casellas are ready to make their own wine again.
  • 1969
    The next generation
    Casella Family Brands is born!
    The Casella family produce their first batch of wine in Australia. The dream is becoming a reality.
  • 1971 first vintage
    50 tonnes crushed
  • 1975
    The winery starts to grow, stainless steel tank and 12 tonne fermenter installed.
  • 2001-2005
    A brand is born! The start of the millennium
  • 2001
    [yellow tail] launches in the USA
    Selling over 1 million cases in the first year!
    Casella Family Brands partner with USA importers W.J Deutsch & Sons who launch [yellow tail] to the States. The 1st year forecast was to sell 25,000 cases but actual sales were over a million.
    The brand is born!
  • 2003
    Reserve range launched!
    250,000 cases in the first year.
    [yellow tail]'s big brother is born with the launch of [yellow tail] Reserve. 250,000 cases of Reserves are sold in the first year suggesting big things for the brand await!
  • 2003
    Global sales of [yellow tail] reach 5 million cases.
  • 2004
    [yellow tail] wins big
    Jimmy Watson & Stodart Trophy.
    [yellow tail] awarded the Jimmy Watson and Stodart Trophy, two of the highest accolades in the Australian Wine Show calendar for one year old reds.
  • 2004
    [yellow tail] launches its first outdoor billboard campaign in the USA.
  • 2005
    Case leaves for Japan!
  • 2005
    Casella Family Brands inducted into the export
    hall of fame
    Casella Family Brands is inducted into the export hall of fame for its on going contribution to [yellow tail].
  • 2006-2011
    The fastest bottling line in the world!
  • 2006
    Fastest bottling line in the world
    To keep up with [yellow tail]'s rapid growth, the winery install the fastest bottling line in the world, capable of processing 36,000 bottles per hour.
  • 2007
    Mt Bingar
    [yellow tail] installs the largest rain & waste plant in Australia.
    It is capable of recycling the equivalent of 160 olympic-sized swimming pools every year.
  • 2008
    Hello UK!
    [yellow tail] hits the UK streets with its 'Hello' campaign.
  • 2008
    A truly global community of [yellow tail] lovers exist with global sales of [yellow tail] surpassing 10 million cases.
    "We now crush more in a day than we did in a year back then"
    John Casella
  • 2009
    [yellow tail]
    Named Australia's most powerful family owned wine brand. 2 years running!
  • 2010
    [yellow tail] pops cork on new bubbles.
    [yellow tail]'s popular sparkling white and rosé wine reveals a brand new look and innovative re-sealable closure!
  • 2010
    The family expands!
    187mL mini-bottles are released.
    [yellow tail] releases convenient 187mL mini-bottles in five popular varieties – Pinot Grigio, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot.
  • 2011
    Birthday time
    [yellow tail] celebrates its 10th birthday and is available in over 50 countries around the world. From Humble beginnings [yellow tail] has become Australia's greatest wine exporter.
  • 2012
    [yellow tail] awarded the Grand Gold medal, the highest award possible, at the prestigious Great MUNDUS VINI International Wine Awards.
  • 2013
    Casella Family Brands reaches one billion bottles of [yellow tail] wine.
    One billion bottles means that 10 billion glasses of [yellow tail] wine have been enjoyed around the world.
  • The journey continues...
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