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If you've got a question about [yellow tail] you've come to the right place. Please see below a list of frequently asked questions (and answers of course).

Packaging and Availability

  • How do I open a screwcap?

    Hold the bottle firmly at the base with one hand and place your other hand entirely around the capsule and twist anti-clockwise.

  • How do I remove a cork closure?

    You will need a waiter's friend or corkscrew. Use the small hinged knife to cut and remove the foil surrounding the neck of the bottle.

    Twist the metal point of the screw through the centre of the cork until the screw is properly embedded. Lock the arm, known as the fulcrum, against the lip of the bottle and lever upwards until the cork is removed.

  • Do you sell [yellow tail] online?

    All [yellow tail] wines are sold through third party retailers. You can find out which varietals are available in your country by visiting Around the World.

  • Why does [yellow tail] use a synthetic closure instead of cork?

    We decided to use synthetic corks for [yellow tail] so that we could deliver our wine to consumers in fresh and optimum condition. Synthetic cork eliminates the risk of bacterial infection in the wine.

  • Why do you use screw-caps on [yellow tail] wines?

    For many markets, like Australia, [yellow tail] is only available under screw-cap. This is a convenient and secure closure for wine, ensuring optimum quality is enjoyed every time.

Winemaking and Nutrition

  • What is the wine making process?

    Wine is made by crushing ripe grapes and adding yeast to the juice that ferments the sugars to alcohol. White wines are fermented without skins and red wines with skins to add colour. Some wines, like Chardonnay and many red varieties, receive additional maturation in oak casks for periods of up to two years.

  • Do [yellow tail] wines contain gluten?

    All [yellow tail] wines are gluten free.

  • Does [yellow tail] contain corn products?

    Ascorbic acid is used in production of wine and the product we use is made from corn by-products.

  • How many calories are in a glass of [yellow tail] wine?

    Please see the [yellow tail] Nutritional Value chart attached.

  • Is [yellow tail] wine dairy free?

    All [yellow tail] red wines are produced without the aid of either milk, eggs or fish products.

    Our white wines use these products in the fining process and are removed during filtering before bottling.

  • Are there additives in [yellow tail]?

    Please see the [yellow tail] Nutritional Value chart attached.

    [yellow tail] wines are produced from 100% premium wine grapes sourced from South Eastern Australia. No sugar or artificial flavours are added in our wines.

  • Is yeast present in [yellow tail] wine?

    Yeast is added to grape juice in order to transform the sugars into alcohol and turn the juice into wine. This is process is called fermentation.

    Once fermentation is complete, the yeast is removed before the wine is bottled.

  • Can you supply nutritional information about [yellow tail] wine?

    Please see the [yellow tail] Nutritional Value chart attached.

  • Is [yellow tail] vegan friendly?

    All [yellow tail] red varieties are vegan friendly. White varieties are not due to the use of animal products (gelatine) in the fining process. All the gelatine is removed during filtering before bottling.

  • What are tannins in wine?

    Tannins are what we call polyphenols. They are found in grape skins and seeds and also in wood like oak barrels. Tannins produce a dry puckering sensation in the mouth and on the cheeks and contribute to the colour, flavour and aroma of finished wines adding complexity.

  • Do your wines contain sulfites?

    The sulphite levels in [yellow tail] wines are low to medium range. If people are extremely allergic to sulfites, we recommend you avoid the consumption of any wine.

    Red wines, such as Merlot, do have lower levels than white wines. Our red wines contain about 70 mg/l and our white wines are approximately 140 mg/l.

  • Is [yellow tail] Organic?

    [yellow tail] fruit is subjected to safe levels of pesticide in order to fend off disease and ensure premium quality for harvest. Use of pesticides is closely regulated in Australia. Our growers keep pesticide diaries that are submitted before harvest to ensure that all fruit used in [yellow tail] wine is grown in compliance with current industry standards.

  • Why is there sediment (dark residue) in my wine?

    Sediment is naturally occurring in many older wines and does not mean the wine is bad or harmful in any way.  The particles and sediment in the bottle are made up of tannins and fruit colour which drop out of suspension as the wine ages.

  • What allergens can be found in [yellow tail] wine? (nuts, shellfish, MSG ,eggs ect)

    A potential allergen in [yellow tail] is sulphur dioxide. Minimal quantities are used in manufacturing as an anti-oxidant and preservative. Labels show preservative 220 added or if the wine contains sulphites. Some milk and egg products are used in the fining process of the wine, but are removed before bottling.

  • Does [yellow tail] contain CMC that can be found in some laxative medication?

    The cold stabilising agent Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) that also can be found in some laxative medications is not used in any [yellow tail] wine.

Consume and Enjoy

  • How long should I cellar wine?

    [yellow tail] wines are produced and bottled to be consumed young and fresh. They are best before two years.

  • How do I match food to wine?

    We recommend that you play by your own rules and enjoy your own food and wine match. If you like red wine with fish, then that's OK by us. If you really want some advice, visit Our Wines. Each wine will have a recommended food match.

  • What temperature should I store and serve wine?

    We recommend that you serve Bubbles and white wine at approximately 8-10°C and red wine at 12-14°C.

    You should store wine in a dark and cool place - under the house or a dark cupboard is ideal.

  • Is [yellow tail] kosher or halal?

    Alcohol is explicitly forbidden, according to Islamic law. (Halal refers to any object or action that is permissible according to Islamic law.)

    To be considered kosher, a Sabbath-observant Jew must be involved in the entire winemaking process from the harvesting of the grapes, through fermentation to bottling. This is not the case with [yellow tail] wine. In the winemaking process, there is use of certain fining agents, such as casein (which is derived from dairy products), gelatin (which is derived from non-kosher animals) and isinglass (which comes from non-kosher fish). Egg whites can be used in the clarification of kosher wine but would not be appropriate for vegan kosher wine.

  • Why is my wine brownish in colour?

    Wines that are brown in colour are either very old and past their use-by date or have been prematurely oxidised by a faulty cork, excessive heat or a winemaking fault. If a wine is a year or two old and displays a brownish colour, then it is spoiled and should not be consumed.


Competition - Terms and Conditions

  • [yellow tail] Singapore - Free Mobile Phone Charger Promotion

    'FREE MOBILE PHONE CHARGER with every two bottle purchase of [yellow tail] wines promotion' commences from now til 27th February 2015 while stocks last.

    [yellow tail] promotion is open to all Singapore residents aged 18 years or over, except employees for the promoter and its group companies and anyone connected with the promotion.

    The gratuitous redemption of the mobile phone charger is a merely a token of goodwill, and is not governed by the Sale of Goods Act and/or Unfair Contract Terms Act.

    Casella Family Estates (herein "CFE") and The B.I.G. Wine Company Pte Ltd (herein "BIG") hereby exclude all liability, to the greatest extent permitted by law, in relation to the redemption, possession and/or use of the mobile phone charger. Under no circumstances whatsoever will CFE and/or BIG be liable for any losses (including but not limited to economic loss), damages (including but not limited to any damage to mobile phones or any items charged by the charger), costs, expenses or liabilities of any sort, resulting from or in connection with the redemption, possession and/or use of the mobile phone charger.

    CFE and BIG shall not be liable for any death or physical injury whatsoever resulting from the redemption, possession and/or use of the mobile phone charger.

    Any person who redeems a mobile phone charger shall, as a condition of redemption, undertake that he/she shall use the mobile phone charger only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in relation to such mobile phone charger, and to keep, maintain and use the mobile phone charger only under such conditions and in such manner as may be reasonable for such mobile phone chargers.

    Please email with your name, NRIC number, contact details and a photo of the receipt to arrange collection time and location with us.  Redemption shall be from now to 06 March 2015, while stocks last. No redemptions shall be entertained outside these dates and times.

    Only original, legible receipts issued in Singapore, dated between now and 27 Feb 2015 showing a purchase of at least two (2) 750ml bottles of [yellow tail] wines in a single receipt, will be considered valid for the purposes of this redemption programme. Only one mobile phone charger can be redeemed per valid receipt, regardless of the total number of [yellow tail] wines purchased in that receipt.

    For further information please email

  • [yellow tail] Germany Summer Promotion

    Deine Daten werden nur zum Zweck des Gewinnspiels gespeichert und nach Gewinnspielabschluss gelöscht. Teilnehmer müssen mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein, wohnhaft in Deutschland. Mitarbeiter von Eggers & Franke sind nicht teilnahmeberechtigt. Unter den Teilnehmern entscheidet die kreativste Einsendung. Die Gewinner werden schriftlich benachrichtigt. Der Gewinn kann nicht übertragen oder bar ausgezahlt werden. Teilnahmeschluss ist der 31.12.2016. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.

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