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Pronounced: Shar-don-nay

"From the vine, to you, with love"

Lots of melons and peaches (but not the tinned kind).

Chardonnay when made in this fresh, leaner style is a lovely summery drink. Forget the flabby Chardonnay wines of yesteryear, this is the modern incarnation of the variety with plenty to enjoy in its youth. Melons, white peach and a hint of nutty complexity drive a soft textured palate but in the end it's just a wonderful drink. Anything but Chardonnay is a thing of the past!

Tropical fruits with a citrus lift
Peach & melon with a creamy finish

The Grape

Chardonnay is considered a ‘noble’ variety and is found in some of the world's fanciest wines, including Champagne.

Great with...

Sunshine, a picnic in the park and rainbows, oh and it’s excellent with roast chicken.

Where to buy

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Did you know?

You don't need to store screw-cap wine on its side. This is a technique reserved for cork in order to keep the cork moist and stop it from shrinking and falling in on the wine!